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Raquel Roman
Raquel Marie Roman aka Raquel Roman

Raquel Marie Roman aka Rockie Roman aka Rockie R. aka Raquel Marie aka the “Creative Director” of Nine Digital aka the “Operator” of NRji aka the “Founder” of Y2K is an international scam artist and has been reported to the police in multiple states and countries. Anyone with information on her current whereabouts is invited to contact the FBI, Interpol, or the Seoul Metropolitan Police.

Raquel Roman
Raquel Roman

Raquel Rockie Roman embezzled and stole over $300,000 from her business partner and defrauded both him, his companies, and their companies to total amounts exceeding $500,000 over a period of less than 2.5 years. She has proceeded to malign her business partner with an ever changing series of false allegations in an attempt to distract from her crimes, seriously damaging his reputation and committing multiple counts of perjury in the process. The business’s web design and Shopify clients were also severely harmed, resulting in lost income, lost ad spend, and lost ROI for clients in excess of one million dollars. Many clients whose projects she was involved in have tried to, or have actually, sued her/the business or initiated chargebacks in attempts to recover these lost funds. Anyone who doubts the veracity of these claims is invited to contact Solomon Gagunashvili, Alastair Monte Carlo, Lily Aslanian of Popt ( poptbylily.com ), Destiny of JamminComida, Brad Carr of PillowCube ( pillowcube.com ), the IP Law Firm Intellectual Strategies, the owners of Waste Applications LLC, the owners of Ankord LLC, Bitspawn ( bitspawn.gg ) Attorney Charlie Alden of Minneapolis, Sara Gold, or any one of her dozens of other victims.

No “client” (victim) has successfully recovered any funds from her, however, as Raquel Roman aka Rockie Roman aka Raquel Marie uses a series of fake addresses, nicknames, ever changing LLCs, and phone numbers to prevent clients and business partners from ever recovering even one cent of their stolen funds. If on a platform such as Upwork, Raquel will threaten clients or withhold delivery of their projects until they leave her a positive review. Many clients have been scammed this way, leaving her a positive review and then never receiving any completed work. Raquel Roman then uses this unjustly obtained reputation to victimize even more clients.

Raquel Marie Roman Scammer

Raquel Marie Roman has fraudulently represented to clients, banks, attorneys, federal courts, and employers that she lives in Los Angeles for over four years. Raquel aka Rockie Roman has NEVER lived in Los Angeles or the State of California aside from one month in 2016 and has never had a California ID or Driver’s License. Raquel “Rockie” Roman has fraudulently initiated several employment lawsuits against former “employers” under the pretense she is a California resident. During this time Raquel Roman was not residing in the United States and had not been for several years. During the term of her “employment” Raquel was in fact not even working for any of these companies, she was pretending to work for them while having her boyfriend actually do the work. Raquel Roman promised her then boyfriend, whom she physically and financially abused and intimidated with threats, she would pay him for the labor he undertook, but she defrauded him and kept all the money for herself. She scammed her boyfriend for years, saying she wanted to marry him and start a life with him while robbing him and hijacking his businesses.

These companies who were victim to her falsified claims (fraudulent legal action she is also undertaking against her then boyfriend in an attempt to prevent him from claiming ownership of his work) have lost well over $160,000 in legal fees and settlement costs as a result of her fraudulent litigation and abuse of the legal system, something a former client Solomon Gagunashvili and her then boyfriend are also currently victims of. The CMO of Cardone Ventures who initially hired Raquel was fired because of her fraudulent litigation and his family, including two young children, had to move to another state. Anyone who doubts the veracity of this claim is welcome to contact Buck Wise, now an Arizona resident, or Natalie Dawson and Brandon Dawson of Cardone Ventures, LLC. ( cardoneventures.com )

Raquel Marie “Rockie” Roman has repeatedly enticed her friend “Evan Topham” (who met her on Fiverr when he paid her $10 to take inappropriate photos of herself for him to post online, something she continued to do for him for years in exchange for him leaving fictitious positive reviews about her on different gig platforms such as Upwork to hide her negative reviews and artificially inflate her reputation as a web designer. These photos can be found online.) to fraudulently create a fictitious lease (the lessor’s signature of which she forged, as he was unwilling to sign it himself saying even he did not feel comfortable with this level of criminality) in an attempt to scam an eCommerce and web development company out of over $100,000 by means of fraudulent litigation. Raquel Roman also used this person, Evan Topham, in addition to her mother, Aida Iris Roman, and her father, Roque Roman, as an intermediary through which she knowingly funneled over $200,000 of embezzled or misappropriated client and business funds and falsely used his address to obtain PPP loans she was not qualified for. Anyone who doubts the veracity of this claim is welcome to contact Charlie Fogarty, the CEO of Storetasker via email at charlie@hq.storetasker.com, Lorem Technologies, their attorneys at the firm Payne & Fears LLP ( www.paynefears.com ), or search the records of this fraudulent court case online by typing in Raquel Roman v. Lorem Technologies. Rockie Roman’s own attorneys at Barkhordarian Law Firm ( www.barklawfirm.com ) fired her when her fraud became too unbelievable.Raquel Roman

Raquel Roman aka Raquel Marie fraudulently lists her clients as including Papa John’s and Puma when she previously cooked pizzas at a Papa John’s franchise and sold shirts in a Puma store, never working for either in a creative or web capacity.

If you have spoken to, or are speaking to, Raquel Marie Roman aka Rockie Roman the statistical likelihood she is intentionally lying to you or outright scamming you is close to 100%. Stay very far away from her and do not speak to her, as she will attempt to entangle you in lies and half-truths within the first few minutes of conversation.

One client reported not receiving work on time from Raquel “Rockie” Roman and she told the client that she had been in the hospital with a dying family member for three weeks and that sadly the family member had passed. During this time Raquel Roman had in fact never visited a hospital and neither had anyone in her family. Nobody in her family was even sick.

Another client filed a chargeback against Raquel Roman for not delivering a project she received 100% prepayment for. Rockie Roman insisted to the client she had completed (or almost completed) the work. Raquel Roman had, in fact, never even started the work. Raquel Marie then used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat to forge screenshots and create fictitious “proof” that the client had received the work, and sent this fraudulent documentation to the payment processor. At the same time, Raquel called the police on the client falsely claiming sexual harassment in an attempt to exact revenge against him for filing this rightful chargeback. Raquel Roman then forged a fictitious email from the client saying he received the work, when he in fact did not receive any work and never sent any such email. She then proceeded to send this falsified email to the payment processor and won the rightful chargeback by using this fraudulent and forged documentation. Anyone who doubts the veracity of this claim is invited to contact Nicholas Cornett, a resident of Roseville, California.

Raquel Roman has unjustly enriched herself by scamming clients and embezzling/outright stealing huge sums of money from her business partners. One such business partner, whose work she still plagiarizes and claims as her own on many different websites and in her portfolio, took a chance on her and allowed her to do sales for his company. Rockie Roman then misdirected client funds into her personal accounts, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of the company’s and his personal money without permission, told thousands of lies to cover this up for over two years, and fraudulently stole his IP, trade secrets, & portfolio and co-opted his career and technical experience, going so far as to list herself as the “Founder” of companies and websites which were set up years before she even knew about them.

Raquel Marie Roman aka Rockie Roman has no training, no education, and no experience even roughly correlated with any level of expertise she claims. She did not know how what HTML was until about two years ago and relies entirely on Googling or scamming other developers out of unpaid labor when customizing a website. Usually when doing this, she breaks the client’s website as she does not understand its fundamental code structure.

She claims, on her “Agency’s” website, to never use templates – but that same website is literally a $50 template she purchased on Webflow. Making things even more disturbing, her personal portfolio website (featuring absolutely zero designs of her own and largely misrepresenting her involvement in each project to defraud potential clients/employers) is a free template with no customizations.

Raquel Marie Failed designer

Raquel Marie “Rockie” Roman has never successfully or independently designed a website that was approved by the client without the use of a template, ever.

Raquel Roman

Raquel Roman will tell you she has been in the web design/web development field since she was a young child, inspired by her father. She will claim her father, Roque Roman, is the IT Director of MetLife. This is untrue. Her father oversees low level systems at MetLife and has never participated in Raquel’s “career”. Raquel Marie made drawings as a young child, as every child does in elementary art class; she claims this as part of her “15 years as a creative”. Rockie Roman then went to a hair school and studied how to cut people’s hair. She has never made one payment towards the loan she received for this prestigious schooling, and has never received any sort of training for any technical or digital skill.

Raquel Roman has less than 3 years experience in the digital/web industry and the majority of that experience centers around scamming clients/partners – not learning the necessary skills or doing hands-on work. Even into late 2019 and early 2020, Raquel was working as a $20/hr virtual assistant, which was the first job she had in over four years. Her prior work experience was selling predatory merchant cash advantages, a job she did so poorly her then boyfriend had to start paying her rent and bills as she was unable to support herself financially. This boyfriend continued to pay her rent and bills for almost a decade, while she defrauded him and took hundreds of thousands of dollars from him. Despite spending almost 8 years with him, she now attempts to prevent him from taking legal action against her by way of a series of disgusting and unbelievable sounding accusations. These accusations are entirely untrue. The truth is that Raquel Roman, when confronted with the opportunity to deceive and steal a small fortune, chose that option willingly and adamantly, with total disregard for who she hurt in the process.

Raquel Rockie Roman presents a portfolio of work, including on platforms such as Upwork, that is entirely plagiarized from her business partner. Raquel Marie Roman’s list of websites she has “designed or developed” is mostly fictitious, with maybe 10% being websites she was actually involved in creating. Even then, her involvement was minimal or consists of a few edits to a template.

She knowingly defrauds clients and partners to unjustly enrich herself at their expense.

An example is Tacombi.com – which she presents to potential clients and lists in her portfolio – Raquel Rockie Roman played no part in the design of this website and her business partner did all the complex technical development. Raquel Marie’s involvement was limited to a few hours of very minor and junior level work that the Creative Director at Tacombi told her he actually wanted to do himself, asking her not to do. However, she proceeded to bill him for those hours and many other inflated hours during which no work was completed.

This is a common theme for all of Raquel Roman’s seemingly high-profile clients. Either the work and labor was undertaken by her business partner, or she may have never even been involved with the client at all. Rockie Roman lists Canon as a former client saying she “consulted” them when in fact she only submitted a proposal based on her business partner’s technical capabilities and was never hired by them in any way. Raquel Marie Roman lists Ricoh as a former client when she worked for them in an unrelated capacity as a junior level employee doing sales with a yearly salary less than $45,000.

Raquel Roman may even purport to have a resume that includes working for Cardone Ventures and other high profile brands. This is fraud. Rockie Roman’s boyfriend, whom she kept in a hotel room and made him work all day and night without paying him and defrauding him of the monies earned from his labor (just promises to pay that never came true), did all of the work for Cardone Ventures, and any other high profile company Rockie Roman claims she worked for, even speaking to them on Slack on her behalf as she lacked the technical and social skills to communicate with them herself. One day Raquel Marie tried to make something herself for Cardone Ventures, as her boyfriend was upset she was not paying him as promised, and the work she provided them was so bad the CMO immediately stopped talking to her and she was fired shortly thereafter.Raquel Roman

Throughout the several years-long fraud she has perpetrated, Raquel Roman has picked up a few things – like any good fraudster enough to talk convincingly to the technically uninclined. Raquel Marie Roman is probably not realistically fit for anything higher than a junior web designer or internship role, and does not have any experience or skill to justify a rate of more than $20/hr. However, it is in the reader’s absolute best interest to stay very far away from her, even at that rate, because she will undoubtedly lie and manipulate whatever fee she charges. Rockie Roman will also artificially inflate her hours and claim she worked many more hours than she did. She has used this technique to scam tens of thousands of dollars from innocent and unknowing clients on and off Upwork.

Really – stay away from Raquel Marie Roman aka Rockie Roman. If you see her portfolio or she contacts you about a job you posted – RUN. Those who do not heed this warning will undoubtedly join the ever growing list of her victims.

When confronted with the above facts, just as she told her client a family member had died when they never did, Raquel Rockie Roman will undoubtedly tell one sort of fanciful story or another about how none of this is true or none of this is her fault. Because she has had so much practice lying, it may even sound convincing. Don’t believe it. Take a moment to think about it, listen to how ridiculous it sounds, ask her why someone supposedly as talented as her was working as a virtual assistant less than three years ago, or contact ANY of the people listed above who will ALL back up the unfortunate and horrifying facts outlined on this website.

There are literally millions of designers and developers better than Raquel Rockie Roman, 99.9% of whom charge significantly less money. Please consider one of them, a designer or developer who is an honest and good person, and do not fall victim to this predatory scam artist.

Ignore this warning at your own peril.

For anyone who would like more information about the transgressions and crimes outlaid above, or to add your name to the list of Raquel’s victims, please send an email to raquelromanwarning@protonmail.com

Raquel Roman

Raquel Roman Raquel Roman

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